Online Resources

InstaGrok - This is a great source, for research it is a one stop shop for websites, photographs, and videos. You can also very the difficulty of your search so no matter the level your looking for you've got information at your fingertips!

Book Marks - Visit our Library Bookmark page to find research information on many of the different topics you are studying. All of the websites here have already been checked out for reliability. They are organized by grade level and subject.

tumblebooksicon.gif Our Tumble Books ebook database is back!!!!! Click on the icon sign into the sight and enjoy Thousands of online Picture books and Chapter books!

Online Catalog - At home and need to see what we have in the library? Check the online catalog from anywhere!

Library Databases -Get an early start on your research project, take a look at some of these reliable online databases!

Just for Fun! - Looking for something to do? Check out these websites for a good time!

Book Suggestions - Looking for something new to read but not quite sure what? Check out these sites to get some great ideas on wonderful new reads!

Series Listings - Found a Book in a series but don't know what number it is? Finish the First Book in a series but don't know which is next? Curious as to how many books are in your favorite series? Click this link! You can look up series by series title, book title, and author to answer all of these questions and more!