Hello all, I wanted to take a minute to tell you a bit about myself and answer some often asked questions. This is my 6th year teaching Library skills I have taught in both private and public schools, this is my 3rd year here at Voorheesville Elementary School. I decided to become a School Library Media Specialist after interning with a publishing company after I graduated with a degree in English. I soon discovered that I really missed working with people and more importantly children (I was a lifeguard and swim instructor in college) so I returned to college for library science with a concentration on School Media and I know I made the right choice, because I truly enjoy what I am doing!

I love to read!!! My favorite thing about it is when you get so lost in a story that you look up and realize you have not been in your chair, the room, or even this world since you fell into your book. I read all types of books fiction, non-fiction, comic books, magazines and am always looking for new suggestions! If you would like to see a book in the library that you can't find please let me know! I also read books online! I think learning how to use all of the online technologies at our fingertips is extremely important and can lead to anyone becoming an expert in whatever interests them.

My husband and I and have a dog named Rudyard, named after a famous author. Do you know him? Throughout this year I know we will all work very hard together and learn a lot as we go, but I also want to take some time to look at some wonderful books and really enjoy all of the different worlds that books can take us to. Keep reading, I'll see you in the library!

Mrs. Rappoccio
My dog Ruddy!